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A digital insurance agency specifically for freelance workers.

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Our commitment

Our commitment is to be here when things go wrong, but also when things go right.

How? Recovering the essence with which insurance was born, more than 100 years ago when the guilds created common funds to protect each other.

Nuestra filosofia

We’re new, they’re not

We work with BBVA Seguros and Caser Seguros, the leading insurance companies with many years of experience behind. Because it’s important that both, you and we feel safe and secure. BBVA Seguros provides us with the short-term disability insurance and Caser provides us with the health insurance.

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Our philosophy

Yes, we are a company and we want to make money, but not at all costs. That’s why we wanted to do things differently, more transparent, fair, and more like how we would have liked to find a business like us if we were a freelancer.

Nuestro compromiso
Nuestro compromiso
Nuestro compromiso

We use technology, not to replace people but to speed-up the process, avoid unnecessary red tape, and reduce costs.

This is us

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If you want to join our team, email us here:

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